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Learn Japanese Language

Learning to use Japanese from day 1 with culturally appropriate expressions.

Travel Like Japanese

Tips to discover local Japanese life and traveling on those less-traveled places.

Cross-Cultural Living

Seeing beyond the Merlion! Sharing everyday life in Singapore local community

VIDEO: My personal story: why I’m teaching Japanese and what I would like to see among my students.


VIDEO: Let’s hear what my students say, and have a peek at my Japanese Conversational Class



#53 Intercultural Party in Japan countryside 国際交流パーティー

An international party in my hometown. When travelling in Japan, check out intercultural events in the city. You’ll have a memorable experience with local people.

#06 How To Use “Soudesu-ne” ; “Sodesu-yo” ; “Sodesu-ka”

Using 「ne ね」「yo よ」「ka か」at the end of sentences makes conversation more friendly. With this video, you’ll be clearer when to use them correctly. Japanese made simple!

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