In the beginning was to accompany my daughter


by Winny, Aug 1, 2020

*English Testimony followed by Japanese one. Both are written by herself.

My Japanese Learning Journey

20 years ago, when I was studying in Polytechnic, I took up Japanese lessons for a semester. At that time, Japanese Drama was a hit and was very popular in Singapore. Learning Japanese was an interesting experience to me. After graduating from Polytechnic, I planned to continue my Japanese learning. However, due to my busy work schedule, and subsequently being married and becoming a mother, I had totally put my plan behind and forgotten about it.

In December 2018, my 9 year old daughter requested to learn Japanese language out of the blue. Although I was surprised by her request, I decided to support her by attending the Japanese language course organised by the Community Centre with her. Because of this, I feel that life has given me a second chance to pick up Japanese language again. Even though my daughter quit learning Japanese subsequently, I continued attending the lessons myself.

This was my picture with my classmate – my daughter, at the Community Centre. I had become a student once again at the age of 39 years old.

At the Community Centre, I met a few wonderful classmates. Among them, there was a mother whose daughter married to Japanese, a couple who liked travelling to Japan, and also others who liked Japanese culture and etc. Every Sunday, all of us gathered at the Community Centre and attended the Japanese language lessons by Makiko Sensei. Makiko Sensei is a very nice and helpful teacher. She always thinks of ways to conduct her lessons in an interesting way. We were always looking forward to attend her lessons.

Sometimes, in order to improve our conversation skills in Japanese, Makiko Sensei would arrange meal gatherings for all the students to attend and practise speaking Japanese to each other. Her initiative and passion towards her students are much appreciated, and I’m thankful to have such a passionate teacher like her.

This was our picture with Makiko Sensei at a Japanese restaurant.

Once, our classmate’s daughter and son-in-law who were just back from Japan, visited us after our lesson.

I’m very fortunate to have met Makiko Sensei and the other classmates who attended the lessons with me. Learning the Japanese language has made me feel young again. Although the Japanese Course at the Community Centre has now ended, I continue my Japanese lessons with Makiko Sensei by attending her private lessons. I enjoy all the laughter whenever I attend her lessons. We would chat about everything under the sun, of course, with my broken Japanese language. Currently I’m preparing for the JLPT N4 test, and I’ll work hard to pass the test!








私は先生とクラスメートに会えてとても幸せです。日本語を勉強しているので、私はまた若くなったと思います。今コミュニティーセンターの授業もう終わりましたが、先生の個人(こじん)レッスンけていますそして今、JLPT N4試験準備しています。試験に合格できるように、頑張ります

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