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Create Your Stories With Interesting Topics

Course Background

Often Japanese learners found it difficult to use the language outside the classroom.

This course is specially designed to help such learners to use it with confidence.  Given interesting topics such as travelling, cooking, childhood memories etc,  you’ll learn to express yourself in Japanese while learning necessary sentence patterns & expressions guided by Makiko.

In this way, you’ll never forget that particular expression because it’s your personal story from your own heart. Makiko will also give you personal feedback on your grammatical weakness, habitual errors, and pronunciation techniques.

This course will enable you to have more topics to talk about, that prepares you to interact with Japanese people in confidence.

It Is Useful For Japanese Learners Who …

  • Want to practice & use Japanese their work to be checked by a professional native teacher
  • Want to create topics to use in your communication in the Japanese language
  • Are self-motivated to learn the Japanese language

Japanese For Travellers

Course Background

Are you planning or hoping to visit Japan, but feeling handicapped because of the language?  If only you could communicate in simple Japanese, your travel experience will not be just having the best sushi in Tokyo! You can make friend with local Japanese, join seasonal cultural events, or even go for farm-stay in countryside. While learning basic Japanese with the original textbook, find out interesting travel facts on food & shopping that are not found in guidebooks.

Who Is This Course For?

  • Travelling to Japan-“I want to acquire essential Japanese to interact with local Japanese. But I don’t have much time.”
  • Preparing to stay in Japan-“I need simple Japanese expressions for survival.”
  • Exploring -“I am interested in learning Japanese, but not sure yet if I want to study for the long term.”

Example Topics

  • Basic greetings & small talks
  • Essential conversations in shopping and restaurant
  • Finding the way
  • Expressing what you want to do
  • Asking for recommendations from locals
  • Emergency: when you fell sick or when you lost something

Systematic Study For Strong Foundation

Course Background

This course is recommended to develop 4 essential skills (Speaking/Listening/Writing/Reading) step by step.  You will have a good foundation and communication skills from elementary to advance level.  It’s also suitable for those who want to take JLPT tests along the way. While building a strong grammatical foundation, you will also be given exercises to increase vocabulary and use them in daily situations. With a lot of writing exercises on various topics, you’ll have more and more of your personal stories, that prepare you to talk with Japanese friends.

Mode of Lesson

Group Lesson

  • Affordable course fee with small group size
  • Group dynamics. Learn from each other
  • Fun learning with group activities

Private Lesson*

Personalized coaching: focus on your unique needs

In private lessons, you can have lessons according to your needs; you are able to develop the skills you need to focus on (e.g. for business, writing skill, for exam, or translation skills etc.).  Moreover, I can spot your weak points and give intensive training on that.

Learn at your own pace

It is effective because you don’t have to wait for other learners if you are a fast learner.  On the other hand for learners who need more time to master one thing, no worries I will explain slowly till you can understand.

No fear of making mistakes in front of others

You can freely ask questions, and try out creating your own sentences.  Private lesson provides the safe environment to make mistakes.

*  Subject to availability of time slot


Language Coaching*

Thanks to various learning tools online, self-learning is getting easier and popular. You should fully make use of all these good online materials. And Makiko can take the role of navigating your self-study to be successful by giving clear guidance, pointing out your habitual errors, advising culturally fit expressions. Coaching by a professional native teacher is crucial to identify where your learning focus should be and strengthen your Japanese language foundation. The frequency of coaching can be determined according to the student’s needs.

*  Subject to availability of time slot

4 Characteristics Of My Lessons

Probably you want to communicate in Japanese.  Or you have tried taking Japanese courses before, but are you feeling “I can’t use it in actual situations.”, or “It takes such a long time to communicate in Japanese.  I feel like giving up.”?

Japanese language schools teach polite Japanese based on grammatical structure.  And the students soon realize that they don’t know where to start a conversation in an actual situations, or they hear outside the classroom is very different from what they are learning in the classroom.  Because there is a gap between the classroom Japanese and that in real scenes.


To close that gap, we must learn both simultaneously.  While building up your grammatical & structural foundation without compromising, I will also teach you living Japanese conversations using practical materials including Videos, Current News, Websites, and others.


Every learner studies for different reasons; some are traveling to Japan for holiday, some for business, others want to catch anime stories, and some want to take JLPT, Japanese Language Proficiency Test.  I had students who need to communicate with their Japanese mother-in-law, or simply out of interest.  Setting your clear target, I will help you to increase vocabularies & expressions according to your needs, and give you practice in the likely situations you may face in the Japanese environment.


Many beginners feel stressed and find it difficult to learn Japanese because they are taught to memorize sentence patterns without context or just to repeat dry conversation for the sake of using particular grammar.  This has been how the Japanese language was being taught by many teachers and textbooks.

Makiko’s lesson starts with a particular situation where learners feel like saying something in Japanese, yet have yet to learn. Then she highlights the missing puzzle, that needs to bring in a new expression.  In this way, learners can associate new expression with a clear setting.  She has also developed her original textbooks for beginners to ease into the journey of learning a new language.  In this way, even total beginners can speak in Japanese in a simple manner from day 1 instead of taking many months to start speaking.


Language involves culture.  If you just translate from English, you may say something uncomfortable to Japanese although its meaning is correct.  Thus I will teach you appropriate expressions fit in Japanese culture.  Being an English/Japanese translator and married to Singaporean, I will help you to adjust culturally, which removes your fear of offending Japanese unknowingly.

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